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Transitional Issues
Factors Influential in
Post-Release Success of
- Criminal Justice Involvement
- Awareness and Self Understanding
- Self Control
- Values, Attitude and Self-Image
- Survival Skills and Relationships
- Education and Skills
- Determination and Duty
Barriers to Post-Release
Success of Adult Inmates
- Public Attitudes
- Correctional Philosophy
- Correctional Practice
- Offender Reality
Defining "Success" for
Adult Inmates
"Success" for a person with a felony history is a dynamic
condition of recognizable growth -- a purposeful process of
positive unfolding combined with an expanding sense of
belonging and constructive participation.
Pyschosocial Profiles
Former Inmates
- At Time of Release
- At Five Years, Post - Release
- At Ten Years, Post - Release
Recommendations for
Correctional Policy Makers
The primary goal of imprisonment is "public safety" and the
same is true post-release, but it cannot be achieved by
attempting to extend the controls of prison out into the
Secrets of Success for
Inmates Facing Release
Success demands being adaptable, able to adjust quickly
and effectively to new ways of thinking and acting.  Of the
many tips useful for success, here are some at the top of
the list...
A Fatal Flaw
Three years ago the correctional industry “awoke” to the
long-ignored reality that millions of men and women are
exiting prison and most are failing.  “Failure” defined as
“recidivism” or return to the criminal justice system.
On the Other Side of
And a prisoner learns, too, that survival, on many levels,
becomes the overriding focus of his or her life. But simply
“surviving” gets old -- really old! So you reach a point where
you ask yourself, "why bother?" ...  Why bother to endure the
same ... day after day, year after year? Everything gets so
dirty and so dark.  So why bother?
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