Correctional Education
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Recommendations for
Correctional Educators
To best survive and prosper, assume the mind-set of a
cultural anthropologist: be a professional observer -- look,
listen and learn...
No One Trusts Their
Confronting Alienation
For you, dedicated by conviction and profession to positive
development of your clients, this fact sets the stage for a long
menu of conflict and frustration. To get a better handle on
this powerful dynamic, I would like to focus our combined
attention on the dynamic nature and effects of alienation.
Truth is Treasure!
Education's Role in
Truth is hard to come by in our line of work. Even rarer is a
consistent and logical basis for the policies and procedures
we must follow each day. Adult corrections -- driven by the
ever-changing winds of political trends and lacking the
anchor of a positive, universal service objective -- displays its
own unique brand of contradiction and non-reality.
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