This presentation is designed to help
offenders find constructive answers to the
question, “Why Bother?”  The tendency for
offenders is to live for the moment, thus the
motivation required for self-development is
often over-shadowed by the overriding
question: “WHY BOTHER?” Why try? Why
hope? Why change?

The primary goal of “WHY BOTHER?” is to
help offenders develop effective ways to
achieve their goals and ambitions through pro-
social actions.  Speaking directly to the
offender, the presentation seeks to empower
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WHY BOTHER? Finding the Will to Carry On...
An OPEN Information Series (TM) Video Production
the viewer in his or her efforts to maintain hope and accomplish positive behavioral
change.  For the offender, the message is very clear: Life is worth living when you have
hopes and dreams to pursue.

This hard hitting presentation is delivered by Ned Rollo, a nationally recognized
correctional training specialist, as well as ex-offender and recovering addict.  Rollo,
founder and Executive Director of OPEN, INC.,  has 36 years direct experience in the
corrections field.

Running Time Approximately 23 Minutes

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