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Ned Rollo Biography
Ned Rollo, Executive Director, OPEN, INC.

Ned Rollo is a nationally recognized correctional
training specialist, as well as an ex-offender and
recovering addict, with 36 years direct experience in
the corrections field. Initially, Ned served five and a half
years in state and federal prisons for manslaughter,
possession of drugs and firearms violations. It was in
1974, during his second term of incarceration, that he
made the commitment to render service in the criminal
justice field.

Since founding OPEN, INC. in Dallas, Texas, in 1979,
he has counseled over 35,000 offenders and provided
training for a wide array of correctional treatment
personnel in 26 states. Ned is creator and principal
author of the OPEN Information Series, a collection of
self-help books that are respected nationwide for their
uncompromising mix of honesty and practicality, with 360,000 publications in use in over 640
institutions and programs.

Mr. Rollo's main professional focus is the psycho-social adaptation of offenders from the
time of conviction to five years following release.
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