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Life Without a Crutch
An OPEN Information Series (TM) Publication
Positive encouragement on every page! Provides compelling reasons
to confront dependency and overcome self-surrender. An ideal
introduction to any recovery or reentry program, no matter what the
addiction or treatment method. Motivates the reader to accept and
confront the influence of dependency in his or her life.

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69 pages - $7.95 single copy plus shipping and handling – See
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Life Without a Crutch -- Audio
An OPEN Information Series (TM) Audio Production
Full-length audio version of Life Without a Crutch. Ideal for non-
readers and for use in classroom discussions.

Two-tape set, 3 hours - $19.95 single copy plus shipping and
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No matter how creative or constructive a recovery approach may be, its
effectiveness hinges on client receptivity. And as every dependency
counselor knows, half the battle is achieving client acknowledgment of
his or her addiction. Without this essential affirmation, the isolation
and rigidity of addiction stubbornly resist even the most competent and
compelling intervention.

Based on over twenty years of direct experience, OPEN, INC. has
evolved a unique resource titled Life Without a Crutch Training
Program, designed to reduce denial, and help addicts find personal
motivation to overcome their dependency. In so doing, this
"Introduction to Recovery" sets the stage for a far more efficient and
effective application of limited program resources.

The Life Without a Crutch program offers a valuable catalyst to bring
the addict face-to-face with the realities of his or her dependent
behavior and the enlightened self-interest of taking responsible action.
This experiential approach serves to better prepare the addict to
accept and make positive use of recovery-based initiatives of all types.

The Life Without a Crutch Training Program is composed of an
easy-to-use trainer's manual, a student textbook, and an audio
cassette transcription of the text to support group work or special
individual needs. The guide contains a series of reproducible student
exercises which follow and expand upon the progressive stages of the
handbook and audio tape. Following purchase of the program unit, the
only recurring cost is that of the student text. The cost per program is
modest and made even more so by the savings structure shown on
the Order Information page.

Contact OPEN for an executive summary of this program.

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Research Results -- Attitudinal Impact of the Crutch Training Program

List Price $995.00 per program unit.
One unit consists of Trainer's Manual, audio cassette, 15 copies of
student text.  See
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Life Without a Crutch Training Program
An OPEN Information Series (TM) Educational Program
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