Areas of Interest
Offender Preparation and
Education Network, Inc.
fulfills its mission by:

Developing educational materials
and programs that help prepare
offenders to live in society as
responsible, productive, law-abiding
citizens.  We focus on the issues of:

initial orientation into prison;
overcoming addiction;
preparing for reentry; and
obtaining employment.

Providing consultative and
specialized training services to the
correctional system, as well as to
professionals and community-based
groups working or volunteering
within the correctional system.

Sharing OPEN’s perspective on
current topics in corrections – both
professional and client-based,
through professional papers and

Encouraging the exchange of ideas
and information between
corrections professionals through
our free newsletter, INSIGHTS.
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OPEN's mission is to improve public safety by reducing adult
repeat crime through the creation and distribution of educational
materials that promote responsible behavior.
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